Focus, focus, focus. You’d think that being retired would at least leave you with enough time to make the occasional blog post. You know that thing retired people say – that they are busier than when they were working – it’s true. I think it’s the lack of discipline that comes with not having a schedule. Your time just seems to go here, there and everywhere.

Some part time contract work (no I couldn’t resist as it is too financially lucrative and helps pay for the holidays like the one we’re on now), hobbies, volunteering, a kitchen renovation with me doing the plumbing, electrical, tiling (my wife painted because I can’t stand it),etc, and the rabbit hole of YouTube have limited my motivation to post.

We are currently poolside in Palm Springs where the e-mail to post feature of WordPress is coming in handy for this posting as I jab furiously at my BlackBerry with my thumbs.

We drove south and spent a night in Roseburg, OR and then two nights in San Francisco where I hadn’t been for about 25 years or so. Fantastic city – highlights were Fisherman’s Wharf, specifically Pier 39, Alcatraz, and a bus tour of the city. I sure do love that San Francisco sourdough bread. I think that I’ll try and cultivate a batch of sourdough started when we get back home. I need another hobby, but sadly probably not the carbs…

Will be spending the next few weeks soaking up the sun so as to get through the cold, wet winter weather at home.

Wishing all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving!
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